Calendar Request



  • Once you’ve tapped on a contact, you will be taken to their page.

  • A contact’s page will show you any of their contact cards or calendar information that they have chosen to share with you.



  • Requesting to Meet

    • When you select a date on someone’s calendar, their schedule for that day will appear below.

      • The extent of the information that you’ll be able to see on their calendar will depend on which information that contact has chosen to be made visible to you.

  • Time slots legend

    • “Tentative”: You have a pending request from the other user that you have yet to accept.

    • “Busy”: That user has an event scheduled during that time on their calendar.

    • “Available”: There are no events scheduled during that period of time.

    • Requesting Available Times

      • Tap any time slot labeled “Available” to send a request to that user indicating that you would like to meet.

      • You may include a message with your request to include further details about the nature of your request.

      • Once you tap send, that time slot will now be labeled “Request Pending” until that user responds to your request.