What's New:

Currently, our app is up-to-date at version 1.0.1

If you have not yet updated the app, go to the App Store. 

Every update of our Tach app includes improvements for dependability.  As new features become available, we'll specifically highlight those for you the next time you open the app!


You can contact Tach Support to report concerns, or to ask a question, at the following address. 

Tach Inc.
P.O. 144
Milwaukee, WI 53211
United States of America

You have the full rights to send mail anonymously for confidentiality and safety.  If you have any questions regards to "How to use Tach, Login Help, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Reporting a User, and or Blocking a User, please use our FAQ that we have created for conveniency. 

If our FAQ do not answer your questions, please contact support@tach.biz.  We will reach out within 1-2 business days. 

Our Support Hours are below;

Sunday: 11AM - 6PM
Monday: 8AM - 7PM
Tuesday: 8AM - 7PM
Wednesday: 8AM - 7PM
Thursday: 8AM - 7PM
Friday: 8AM - 9PM
Saturday: 10AM - 5PM




Help Center: Frequently Asked Questions:

What if the person I am trying to link with doesn’t appear on my screen?

You may have to get closer in range. Moving to a more isolated area will help improve connectivity.

Are there incentives for getting referrals?

At this time, no. But if you enjoy this app, we highly encourage you to spread the news.

How many events can I have on one day of my calendar?

You can fill up every last minute of your day! Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

How can I restrict certain information on my contact card?

Within the settings function on your Contact Card page, you are able to alter what information is put on your contact card.

How do i remove social media links from my page?

On your profile page, go to settings. Then, go to “My Links” which will take you to your social media links where you can add and remove them.

How do I block someone?

Within settings, you can type in someone’s username and request to block that individual. Otherwise, if you have Tached with them, you can go to their profile and click on settings which will lead you to block them as well.

Where do I edit my Contact Card?

When you first start up, you go to your profile. Then, Tach guides you through how to set up your card, as well as how to edit it.

Can i view someone’s calendar if we are not linked?

No, you must Tach with them first.

How can i link with someone if we live too far away?

Unfortunately, you are unable to Tach with someone if they live far away at this time.

Does the Tach calendar automatically sync with IOS

Calendar and vice versa?

YES! As long as you hit the sync button.