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Michael Turner
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Turner is Tach's Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the oversight of day-to-day operations, ranging from user interface and talent management to client engagement and external affairs. 

Prior to joining Tach, Turner worked at Northwestern Mutual, building a wide network of clients, for whom he implemented holistic financial planning solutions. He has also had experience in multiple nonprofits, the Milwaukee County Executive's Office, and holding leadership positions across various organizations at the University of Minnesota, from where he is completing his majors in economics and philosophy. He outperformed 48 other chapters at the Sigma Alpha Mu national convention by achieving the "Outstanding Community Service Award" during his time as Chairman of Philanthropy, and has served as the Executive Chief of Staff for the university's Interfraternity Council, managing and representing the largest student group on campus. 

Turner expertly complements the Tach team's explosive pace of work by ensuring that company growth is met with rigorous quality control standards at each and every step of the way, a symbiosis he believes to be paramount in fostering good practices. 

"Long-standing habits are the implicit derivatives of one's character. For that reason, good character, above all else, is an area in which there can be no compromise." Turner believes this to be a critical area of focus if an organization is to most effectively serve the public. For him, that means empowering users with an integrated set of tools that incentivizes meaningful, real-world social and professional development.