Provide the best networking application with just a simple tap of the screen. At Tach LLC, we aim our services for the everyday person looking to build their relations with business people to the average Joe, for easier and faster networking. No longer will we have business cards falling out of our pockets and filling our purses. They will be easily accessible through your mobile device.

Our app can assist anyone in building quality, lasting professional and personal relationships in a seamless manner using a digital contact card. With Tach, you have total control over who sees your information from the very beginning of your experience.

There are other apps that utilize a digital business card. These apps usually involve first exchanging paper business cards, then later snapping a picture and storing the card information on the users’ phone. Therein lies the problem. After an exchange, a typical business card is thrown away in 3 days. Most cards exchanged never got put to use, and are even less likely to be photographed, documented, sorted, and filed away in an app you forgot you ever had.

We’re not here to eliminate the traditional business card, but to offer a different kind of tool that improves upon the business card, personalizes your digital network, and gives you new tools to solve the age-old problems of relationship management.

Why Tach is Different:

  • Users can integrate their contact information from their phone and apply it to their Tach Account.

  • Link social media accounts to their Tach account, creating a seamless, all-in-one virtual contact card exchange.

  • Chat and group chat with contacts.

  • Instantly update and customize information and auto update to current contacts.

When seeking to improve your network, we believe that our users deserve to leverage a tool that is robust, impressive and hassle-free.

We are living in the age of connectivity, and that means more opportunities than ever before are right at your fingertips - literally. We are talking about apps, those little icons on your mobile device, but at Tach LLC, we don't just talk about apps; we live and breathe apps. We have assembled a team of the best and brightest minds in software development, marketing, networking, and leadership. This gives our clients access to the most cutting-edge technology and the latest networking trends. Rest assured, our experienced team has expertise in cross-platform software development.

Tach LLC is a Milwaukee-based startup, engineered by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and University of Minnesota-Twin Cities students. Our idea was generated from the difficulties of trying to connect with people, whether it be your current friends or a new face. We look to revolutionize the way people exchange their personal information, by the convenience of scanning mobile QR codes.



More Social. Less Media.

Social media gave us the ability to expand our networks far and wide and always stay up-to-date within networks; however, networks have become so large that you no longer have a genuine connection with the content or your “friends.” To make your feed more relevant, content is now tailored to entertain, not to bring us closer to our existing connections. Our mission is to change that. With Tach, the initial connection or “friend request” is a face-to-face interaction and convenient exchange of information. This results in a  more relevant, higher quality social network. Tach does not attempt to replace face to face networking with social media; it bridges the gap between.

Amplify Personal Brand.

With self employment on the rise and the spike in job-hopping and the gig economy, establishing and developing your personal brand is an absolute necessity. We seek to fulfill this growing need by giving our users the ability to build a contact card for each area of their life, only sharing information that is relevant to the person that they connect with.

Save Money, Time & The Environment

Our team has extensive professional experience in cultivating an intimate understanding of the nuances and underlying mechanisms that make up the present networking ecosystem. This experience has provided us with the critical insights necessary to know to affect that market moving forward.


We’ve created it. You build it.

As detailed below, Tach is a fully customizable business card exchange platform and so much more. Users will be able to exchange basic contact information and links to their social media accounts with an instant QR code scan. Imagine being able to exchange information with 10 people in 20 seconds with zero opportunity of inputting a phone number incorrectly or misspelling someone’s name. Better yet, users can add a professional headshot to their ContactCard, making it easy to put faces with names. This instant exchange will make networking events, the first day of college class, and meet-and-greet social occasions much more efficient and less awkward.

Once ContactCards are exchanged, Tach users can chat and group chat with other connections. They also can join organizations based on their email address. By joining organization, members can stay up to date on news within their own company or university, or those within a similar field of business.

To keep contacts organized, Tach features a familiar Rolodex style scrolling system. By scrolling up and down, users can quickly see the contact’s name and headshot or professional logo. For users with an extensive contact list, there is also a search function that enables users to search directly for who they wish to contact.

Unlike traditional business cards or contact lists, Tach is always updating. This means if a user changes jobs, phone numbers, or email addresses their ContactCard is automatically updated for all to see. This means no more losing contacts, or trying to reach out to someone on an old business card found in a desk drawer. Your contact information will always be current. Users will also have the option to automatically notify their contacts when they change jobs, titles, or contact information.

Start building true face-to-face connections.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.