Victor Cain
Founder & CEO


Victor Cain is the Founder & CEO of Tach and is a Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Studying towards a B.B.A. in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Victor has been a lifetime entrepreneur on the go since his first business at the age of 8.  It all began with his dad’s lawnmower and rake.  As Victor states, “It’s not about the money. It’s about making people as successful as you, which is why I’ve built a team to create this mobile application.” He has also made it clear that this mobile application was designed for everyone and not one specific group of people.  “Everyone should have the equal opportunity to represent themselves in a professional manner.”

Before starting this mobile application, Victor worked at an Apple Retail Store in Glendale, WI as a product specialist. He also was given the opportunity to detail the store with a team known as “Visuals”.

As Victor spends his last year at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Victor plans on taking Tach to a whole new level as he will have more time on his hands. He says, “Depending on the success of our app from its launch date, will depend on if I need to find a small side job to create some type of income”. He is more than excited to make an impact on the world at his age.